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 Abel Atnafu
Academic Excellence
Abel is a Computer Engineering student who will transfer to the University of California, Santa Barbara this fall. “I have always been in love with the idea of using computers as your canvas to explore
your creativity,” he said. “As a person from a diverse background I always felt like I had so many things, ideas and perspectives to offer.”
Nicole Cain
Nicole is a nursing student who will graduate in winter 2022. “I began my journey at De Anza in 2012,
not having been in college at all,” she said. “I pushed through and completed all of my prerequisites for the Nursing program by attending
school part-time while I worked full-time and cared for my children. As I pushed myself each quarter to complete my classes, my children gave me the drive and determination to fight through all of the long nights of studying by helping around the house or simply just telling me how proud they were. I am truly excited to enter a field where I will be helping people during the most rewarding and challenging times in their lives.”
Mahlet Wondmu
Mahlet earned her nursing degree from De Anza this spring, after previously earning a business degree in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “Shortly after graduation I moved to the United States.
My lifelong dream was to be a nurse,” she said. “I have faced many challenges in pursuing my dream career, from figuring out how to raise two boys and being a supportive wife. With lots of luck and hard work I was able to graduate. I am so proud of completing the RN program and achieving the dream I had 10 years ago.”
BFSA Scholarships
Marcita Collins
Student Achievement
Marcita plans to transfer next spring to San José State University, where she will major in Psychology. “It is my goal to bring significant awareness to the Black
community about mental health and get rid of the stigma behind therapy,” she said. “We need more of us to be able to relate to each other. My goal is to help my community heal.”
Bereket Kebede
Student Scholarship
Bereket is in her second year at De Anza and plans
to study Communications after transferring to a university. “I’ve always been so passionate about using my voice to advocate for the Black community,” she said, “so this scholarship means a lot to me!”
Sankofa Awards

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