Day and Time: Fridays, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location (if on campus): DASB Lounge

Zoom Link (if online):

Reach Us At


Mohammad Khan


Dennis Shannakian

Message from the Chair of Legislative Affairs

Hi! My name is Mohammad Khan and I will be serving as the new Chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee also known as LAC.

What is the Legislative Affairs Committee and what does it do?

The DASG Legislative Affairs Committee represents the interest of De Anza students at the college, district, state, and federal levels. It cultivates relationships between local associated student organization colleges and motivates students to become responsible citizens and encourages them to exercise their citizenship in ways that both deepen their education and improve the quality of community life. The Legislative Affairs Committee works closely with the SSCCC, the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, to support De Anza College and their interests.


DASG Legislative Affairs Code

Committee Membership

  • Chair Legislative Affairs
  • At least two (2) additional DASB Senators
  • And the following non-voting members
    • Interns
    • Advisor(s)

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Online Agendas, Minutes, and Attachments

Agendas are also posted on the bulletin board on the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center across from the DASG Senate Office.

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