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Date: September 14, 2023
Time: 3-4:20 p.m.

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    3:00 p.m. Approve notes from 06/15/2023 A
    No meeting on 9/28 as first week of classes.
    3:05 p.m. FY 22/23 Carryforward  $758,957
    FY 23/24 Carryforward projected ($1,456,900)

    Request for clarification on how district reports on 50% law. Ending fund balance/carryforward FY22/23 $758,957. Difference of B Actuals vs. Budget =  ($107,247). District is well aware of need to resolve structural allocation issues. DA hopeful reimagining project will address structural allocations this year.  DA does not address COLA in budget, except for enterprise funds. One time transfer for $1,056,828 is closeout of the Bookstore. Restricted commission revenue of $297,523 from Follett will be allocated to campus center dining services enterprise account. Annual projected commissions from Follett will be proximately $150k-$180k per year. Restricted COVID-19 response commitment of $553,332. Both these restricted line items & accreditation reserve funds are deducted from FY23/24 beginning balance of $758,957 for an adjusted beginning balance of $161,962. Projected EFB FY23/24 ($1,456,900). DA is planning to use $1.5M from capital project money as one-time transfer to balance FY23/24 deficit. Capital project money is typically used to cover specific projects and unexpected costs due to emergencies.
    3:35 p.m. Volunteers for student mentor/s D/A
    Vice Chairs
    M. Varela and E. Woodbury volunteered to be student mentors.
    3:45 p.m. Volunteers to work on Dining Services Request For Proposal (RFP) A
    Vice Chairs
    Request for BAC members to volunteer to work on Dining Services Request For Proposal (RFP). Request for Proposal (RFP) for Dining Services was approved at  the College Council 06/22/2023 meeting. Dining Services are operating at a deficit as a result of declining sales and increasing costs. Enterprise funds cover their own increases to staffing costs e.g. COLA. Projections reflect an $800,000 deficit. Last year Admin Services submitted dining services positions to RAPP to be funded by the general fund. At this time, RAPP has not approved these. Requesting a proposal from outside vendors to run a food service department is the next step.  Small committee with diverse input. Intense amount of work over a few months. NDAs will be required. Main task will be assisting with setting the parameters of the RFP and reviewing & evaluating the responses. No volunteers from the meeting so a request email will be sent to BAC members.
    4:15 p.m. Upcoming agenda items for AY23/24

    All Meeting schedule (D/A)

    Dining Services Request For Proposal (RFP)

    2023/2024 State Budget (A)

    FON & 50% law (I)

    2024 General Fund Vacant Position Review and Release of funds to RAPP (I/D/A/R)

    * BAC supporting documents are posted here: Budget Advisory Committee Documents

    Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)
    Budget Task Force (BTF)
    Carryforward/Ending Fund Balance
    50% Law = The Fifty Percent Law requires all community college districts to spend at least half of their “Current Expense of Education” for “Salaries of Classroom Instructors.”  
    Faculty Obligation Number (FON) = The California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 5 Section 51025 requires community college districts to increase their base number of full-time faculty over the prior year in proportion to the amount of growth in funded credit FTES.
    Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO)
    Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP)

    Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP)

    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information
    R = Recommendation

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