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Date: February 22, 2024
Time: 3:00-4:20 p.m.

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    3:00 p.m. Approve the notes from February 1, 2024 A
    Co/Vice Chairs
    The notes were approved.
    3:05 p.m. Dining Services Update

    Dining Services To Remain Open FY24/25. Est. FY23/24 loss $650k.

    De Anza College - History of Financial Concerns with De Anza College Dining
    Services Operations

    Information sharing. De Anza  Board 02/12/2024: Item 13 Sunset California Senate Bill 98 (Action). Acknowledging and being explicit about the fact that the restrictions that were imposed by Bill 98 are no longer in place.  Chancellor Lambert shared that Senate Bill 98 put into place parameters on what actions colleges could take impacting certain specific programs, specifically case in point, Dining Services. To be transparent with the community, Chancellor Lambert is pulling back from Dining Services. The parameters in which the Board and administration will be moving forward & working with respective labor unions as well as with leadership groups throughout the district and put people first. That doesn't mean hard decisions won't be made or that we are always going to agree but that we are going to go about it the right way following the law and collective bargaining unit agreements and appropriate policies and procedures.
    3:20 p.m. DBAC Report Out I
    DBAC Reps
    See item below.
    3:40 p.m. State Budget Update -  $24 billion erosion in revenues would expand the $58 billion estimated deficit to $73 billion under updated revenue forecast

    Link to LAO Statement.
      School Services of California: LAO to Legislature: Deteriorating Budget Condition Ahead. Under LAO Revenue Update, Budget Problem Grows by $15 Billion. The state already faces a significant deficit this year—we estimate it totaled $58 billion under the administration’s revenue forecast at the time the Governor’s budget was proposed in January. However, recent revenue collections data reflect even further weakness relative to those estimates. Specifically, our forecast is about $24 billion below the Governor’s budget across 2022‑23 to 2024‑25. All else equal, this means the budget problem is likely to be higher at the time of the May Revision. The actual increase in the state’s budget problem will depend on a number of factors, including formula-driven spending changes, most notably Proposition 98 spending requirements for schools and community colleges. (Due to specific circumstances this year, changes in revenues are unlikely to have a significant effect on the state’s other major formula-driven spending requirements, specifically related to Proposition 2.) Roughly, a $24 billion erosion in revenues corresponds to a $15 billion increase in the budget problem. This would expand the $58 billion estimated deficit to $73 billion under our updated revenue forecast". Proposed solutions include sweeping unspent fund from various programs (e.g. growth, Strong Workforce Program, PT faculty Health Insurance Program, Health Care Pathways for English Learners & Student Success Completion); Revisting funds for CCC nursing, intercollegiate athletics, PE classes, Promise & noncredit fine arts. The Assembly and Senate budget subcommittees responsible for the education budget are slated to hear the Governor’s Proposition 98 proposals on February 27 and 28, respectively, while the Assembly today began its discussion of community colleges during a higher education overview hearing. The hearings and ensuing discussions may provide early indications of the Legislature’s positions on some of the Governor’s proposals.

    Vice Chancellor Cheu shared that currently apportionment funding should be ok for FY24-25, but the district is concerned about the possibility of one-time and other unused specialty fundings being pulled back or "swept". She noted that the reserves and some other financial measures can be used for FY24-25, but once utilized these options will no longer be available for following years. The district is very concerned about the budget situation for FY25-26 and beyond  

    3:30 p.m. Upcoming agenda items for Winter & Spring 2024

    Dining Services Update

    2023-24 2nd Quarter Report (Oct. 1-Dec. 31)

    2023-24 3rd Quarter Report (Jan. 1-Mar. 31)

    May Revise (The traditional May Revision adjustments are due by May 14, and consist of an update of General Fund revenues and changes in expenditures for school funding requirements pursuant to Proposition 98, caseload, enrollment, or population.)

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    A = Action
    D = Discussion
    I = Information
    R = Recommendation

    BAC supporting documents are posted here: Budget Advisory Committee Documents
    Food Services RFP#1926 Winter 2024
    Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)
    Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP)
    District Budget Advisory Committee (DBAC)
    Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO)

    2024 General funds release Tranche #3  BAC Agenda 02/01/2024 = $934,926.45
    Total General Funds released to RAPP Jan-June, 2023 = $2,332,319.38
    2023 General funds release Tranche #1 BTF Agenda 03/09/2023 = $1,533,134.24
    2023 General funds release Tranche #2 *FINAL* BAC Agenda 6/15/2023 = $435,065.79
    2023 SRP #2 release BTF Agenda 03/09/2023 = $364,119.35

    BAC Meeting 2/22/24 14:57
    Duration (Minutes)
    Adam Contreras 14
    Eric Mendoza 19
    Erick Aragon 14
    Hieu Nguyen 16
    Mallory Newell (she/her) 13
    Pam Grey 19
    Patty Guitron 16
    Pippa Gibson 19
    Rob Mieso 16
    Vins Chacko 4

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