Student Form for COVID-19

If you have received a positive test result for COVID-19, please upload a copy of your test result through the PyraMED Health Portal: Log in to and click the "Upload" tab.

Was the test PCR (administered by a health care professional, for which you had to wait a period of time for the results) or antigen (a home test or one performed by a health care professional, for which you received immediate results)
Please list any on-campus classes you are currently taking and the instructors' names for those classes

No courses have been added yet.

Please list all of the building and rooms you visited on that date:

No locations have been added yet.

With whom have you been in close contact from your class(es) since the onset of symptoms or receiving the positive test result? (Close contact is defined as someone with whom you were within six feet of for at least 15 minutes beginning two days before you had symptoms or tested positive.)

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