Chairs and Faculty Serving on other Shared Governance Committes

Committee Position E-mail
College Council Patty Guitron
Academic Senate Vice President
Catherina Wong Curriculum Co-Chair

Jim Nguyen FA Rep
Erik Woodbury RAPP Tri-Chair
Equity Action Council (EAC) Maurice Canyon
John Jimenez
Vernon Gallegos

Resource Allocation and Program Planning (RAPP)

Erik Woodbury RAPP Tri-Chair
Robert Alexander
Alicia De Toro
Daniel Solomon

Instructional Planning and Budget Team (IPBT)


Student Services Planning and Budget (SSPBT)


Administrative Services Planning and Budget Team (APBT)


Emily Garbe
Dawnis Guevara
Andrew Stoddard
District Campus Budget
Mary Pape
Professional Development Leave Natasha Joplin, Faculty/Counselor 
Ilan Glasman, Faculty
(Confirmed 6/7/2021)
Chancellor's Advisory Erik Woodbury
District Diversity Advisory Cheryl Balm
Human Resources Advisory Cheryl Balm
Educational Technology Advisory Tom Dolen (Confirmed 10/5/2020)
Committee Position E-mail
Curriculum Catherina Wong
Environmental Sustainability Cynthia Kaufman
Library Advisory Faculty

Professional Relations

We're All In This Together (WAITT) Inactive
Academic Senate Scholarship Commitee Elsa Jimenez-Samayoa
Liliana Rivera
Felisa Vilaubi
Committee Position E-mail
Technology Committee  Marisa Spatafore, Co-Chair
Mary Pape, Co-Chair

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Committee

Veronica Acevedo Avila
James Capurso
Patty Guitron
Betty Inoue
Mary Pape
Catherina Wong
Bookstore Advisory  Inactive
Campus Center Advisory   Pam Grey
Julie Keiffer-Lewis
Mary Pape
Campus Facilities Committee  Mark Landfeld
(Confirmed 4/11/2022)
College Environmental Advisory Group Alicia De Toro, Faculty
Child Development
Standing Hiring Committee 
for Classified Staff
Student Grievance Michele LeBleu-Burns
Student Dev. Dean
FHDA District Equity Committee (DDEAC) Melinda Hughes
Committee of Online Learning (COOL) James Capurso
Online Advisory Team (OAT) Faculty
District Hardware/Software Standards Inactive
Academic Integrity and Disruptive Behavior  Michele LeBleu-Burns
Student Dev. Dean
 Local General Education (GE) Committee
 Catherina Wong
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