Scheduling Time in the Lab

All Language Arts instructors may reserve lab time for class activities. A lab request form is distributed each quarter via email to collect lab requests from instructors. A scheduling process then ensues, and instructors are subsequently notified of their scheduled lab times. After the quarterly scheduling process, any remaining open time is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Instructors may email or call (408) 864-8387 during the quarter for last-minute lab time requests.

Lab Request Form

To request lab time, download and fill out the form. Then, save and submit your form via email - or print form and drop by AT305/AT307 to drop off. Some pdf readers may not permit you to save changes made to the form. You may also submit your request in the body of an email message.
Lab time confirmations will be sent out via email. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions about requesting time in the lab.

Additional Information

Evening Hours - There are no lab staff available to help after 5:00 pm, so the lab will be locked and instructors using the lab will need to use a key to open the door. The door numbers for AT305/307 are #309 and #310. All instructors using the lab should request electronic key access for both doors.

ESL Software - We currently have Pronunciation Power 1 & 2 software installed in the lab. In addition, we have two online programs that we have purchased, Pearson English Interactive and Pearson Focus on Grammar.  We have student codes for several levels of these programs, which ESL instructors can request and then distribute to students.  


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