Placing Materials on Library Reserve

What can be placed on reserve?

Almost anything you'd like your students to read or use may be placed on reserve. The reserve collection includes books (library books as well as instructors' own copies), photocopies of articles, lecture notes, copies of past exams, answer keys and sample student projects. Nonprint items, such as DVDs or computer applications, may also be placed on reserve.

How long can reserve items be checked out?

Instructors determine the loan period when you place an item on reserve for your class.

Loan period options:

  • Same day closing
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 21 days
  • Quarter long

Bring items you wish to place on reserve to the Circulation Desk during open Library hours. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for processing. If you have questions about reserve items, contact: Wil Byars, 408/864-8759.

De Anza Library Reserve Desk Copyright Guidelines

  • Photocopies of up to nine (9) copyrighted items may be on Reserve for one instructor, for one course, for one quarter. More than one photocopy of each item is permitted.

  • If photocopied materials will be used by students for two or more consecutive quarters, a new Reserve request for the material must be filed with the Library each quarter. If a new request is not filed, the materials will be returned to the instructor.

  • Only one instance of photocopied, copyrighted material is allowed for each author.

  • Photocopies of copyrighted consumable items, such as workbooks, may not be placed on Reserve.

  • If an instructor receives written publisher permission to have photocopies of copyrighted items on Reserve for more than one course or longer than one quarter, then a copy of that written permission must accompany the material to be placed on Reserve. Such items may remain on Reserve indefinitely, or until such time stated in the written permission.

  • Original books and articles may be placed on Reserve indefinitely, and there is no limit on number of items.

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