De Anza College Vending Rules and Regulations

  1. Items sold must conform to space limitations as specified in the agreement (total selling area is approximately 10' x 10', subject to change; vendors must stay with their area).
  2. Vendors may bring additional tables to display additional merchandise but MUST stay within their assigned 10' x 10' selling area. Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension from vending and forfeit of fees.
  3. All booths/displays must be professionally constructed, merchandise displayed attractively, no packing boxes, etc., shall be visible in the selling areas. Booths/Displays, boxes, etc. cannot be left behind even if you are going to be selling again the next day.
  4. Selling is restricted to the assigned vending area. No solicitations outside of your assigned vendor space.
  5. Vendors may occupy vendor space starting at 7:00 AM, vendors must occupy vendor space by 10:00 AM, vendors must remain at their vendor space throughout their scheduled time/day, and vendors must vacate space by 9:00 PM. Most vendors come on campus from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  6. Failure to be present at your reserved time may result in the space being resold without any refund to you.
  7. All sales must be conducted in a professional manner.
  8. Exchange/Return policy must be clearly identified and displayed at vendor table. Receipts with a contact phone number and/or email must be provided.
  9. Must have a current California State Seller's Permit (excluding services); include the number on the application. Permits can be obtained from the California State Board of Equalization (
  10. Music may be played only if it is the merchandise being sold. The college does not provide power for vendors.
  11. Items already being sold at De Anza (e.g. textbooks, college merchandise, food and drink, etc.) are not allowed for sale.
  12. With the addition of additional spaces outside we are no longer guaranteeing exclusive vending opportunities (multiple vendors may sell similar items).
  13. Items without redeeming social value (e.g. pornographic materials, drug or tobacco paraphernalia, intimate apparel, pepper sprays, knives, guns, etc.); or items that are not in the best interest of our student population, including credit cards or credit card applications (marketing or solicitation); or anything that promotes, suggests and/or encourages discrimination of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation will not be accepted.
  14. To avoid exposure to blood-borne pathogens and to observe universal precautions for infection control, vendors are prohibited from engaging in any activity that involves body puncturing, including but not limited to piercing of ears, noses, tongues, or any other body part, tattooing or any similar act that breaks the skin in any fashion. The only exception to this is if one holds a valid California license that covers these activities, and the Foothill-De Anza Community College District has on file a certificate of insurance for one million dollars covering these activities.
  15. There will be no refund of the total application fee, credit or subletting of space once vendor has been accepted unless otherwise determined by the College Life Office Coordinator.
  16. A $5.00 processing fee and a notice of five (5) working days prior to vending will be required for a change of dates from the original dates reserved. Rescheduling due to weather may take place with only one (1) working day notice and there is no processing fee.
  17. No alcoholic beverages or other illegal substances allowed on campus.
  18. Individual vendors that wish to share a space are regarded as a single vendor and may not request separately for dates.
  19. A $25.00 fine will be charged for every returned check received.
  20. Please observe the 20-minute loading/unloading time limit. Failure to comply will result in a $45.00 citation/fine. Vendors must follow strict guidelines for loading and parking.
  21. All financial transactions of cash, check, credit card, cashier's check and money order are between the vendor and the customer. The vendor needs to provide a receipt with a contact phone number. Exchange/Return policy must be clearly identified and displayed at Vendor Table.
  22. De Anza College assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, liability claims, damage, or any claims of any kind. The vendor assumes liability for any damages to college property. All sales are between the seller and the buyer. The college assumes no responsibility for the financial transactions that occur between vendor and buyer. Security is the responsibility of the vendor. If the arrangements provided within this agreement are unsatisfactory to either party, before or during the activity, either party may terminate this contract. Failure to comply with these specified guidelines will result in suspension from vending at De Anza College for one academic year.
  23. Applications will be processed in the order received and we will make every attempt to fulfill your choice of dates. However, if your requested dates are unavailable for any reason, it will then require further negotiation to fulfill your request. Within five (5) working days, any changes to unavailable dates can be made to your agreement without a processing fee. Applications received without a check will not be processed. Completed application and payment will reserve your space. Telephone reservations are not available. As there is limited space, only completed applications accompanied by payment will be processed.
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