Useful Websites and References

Online Resources

Textbooks and References

  • Criminalistics textbook coverCJ 2018 (James Fagin), Pearson Publishing  an introduction to administration of justice
  • Corrections in America (Harry Allen, Edward Latessa and Bruce Ponder), Pearson Publishing  crime, corrections and society
  • Criminal Investigation (Charles Swanson, Neil Chamelin, Leonard Territo and Robert Taylor), McGraw-Hill Companies criminal investigations, crime lab practices
  • Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science (Richard Saferstein), Pearson Publishing crime lab practices
  • Criminal Procedure: From First Contact to Appeal (John Worrall), Pearson Publishing  principles and procedures of the justice system
  • Juvenile Justice: A Social, Historical and Legal Perspective (Preston Elrod and L. Scott Ryder), Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Restorative Justice in the United States (Clifford Dorne), Prentice Hall  alternatives to legal proceedings and incarceration, integration of individuals into society
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