Integrity and Values

Our department is committed to the exercise and modeling of academic integrity. This means that we value standards such as fairness, equity, honesty, clarity, and respect values associated with ethics and caring. Your instructor may discuss these values and expectations with you at the beginning of your course.

From instructors, you can expect

  • well prepared classes
  • punctuality and efficient use of time
  • a genuine commitment to student success
  • respect for you as a unique person

From students, we expect

  • thoughtful preparation for each class session
  • punctuality and efficient use of time
  • a genuine effort to learn the material presented
  • respect for each instructor as a unique person

In addition, we expect that you will assist us in evaluating and supporting your learning by submitting only your own work on exams, writing assignments, and other communications with the instructor. Any other sources should be carefully cited and acknowledged in order to prevent misunderstanding. Integrity is a pact we make with each other as a learning community because we believe that doing so fosters trust, personal growth, and an optimal environment for learning.

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