Recommended Course Sequence 

students at boardClasses are scheduled days, evenings and Saturdays. You'll find course descriptions on the Courses Offered page.

Basic Core Courses

Course Course Title When Offered
CD 10G Child Development: The Early Years fall, winter, spring, summer
CD 50 Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children fall, winter, spring, summer
CD 12 Child, Family and Community Interrelationships fall, winter, spring, summer

Recommended Courses Sequence

(discuss with a CDE faculty advisor)

Curriculum CD 52, CD 53, CD 54, CD 55, CD 56, CD 58, CD 60, CD 61, CD 63, CD 64, CD 68, CD 90
Student Teaching CD 51(CDC and mentor sites), CD 57(place of employment)
Early Intervention / Special Education CD 60, CD 90
Early Childhood Mental Health CD 71, CD 73, CD 74, CD 75
Administration and Supervision CD 67, CD 59G, CD 59H
Other Courses CD10H, CD 58, CD 65, CD 66, CD 72, CD 77, CD 101, CD 102, CD 103, EDUC 01
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