Choose a Program to Suit Your Goals

De Anza College offers a broad range of Computer Science related degrees and certificate programs.

The Degree and Certificate requirements are reviewed annually and updated as appropriate. Generally your studies are determined by the requirements when you declared your major, or the latest requirements, at your option.

It is therefore important for you to know which program you are following. The degree programs listed below are believed to be accurate but the final determination of your degree plan must be approved by the registrar's office in conjunction with your counselor and the CIS department head when exceptions are required.

Program Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Achievement–Advanced Associate Degree 
Computer Science, A.S.-T.     x
Business Programming   x  x
Cypersecurity x x x
Network Basics x    
Network Programming   x  x
Programming in C/C++ x    
Programming in JAVA x    
Programming in Perl x    
Programming in Python x    
Systems Programming x  x
UNIX/LINUX Operating System x
Visual Basic Programming x    
Web Development x    
Network Administration x x x
Database Development Practioner x x   x
Project Management Practitioner x  x  x
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