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 Competitive Programming Club

The purpose of the club is to prepare and enter members into programming competitions. Programming competitions include the ACM ICPC, NAIPC, and others. This club is not meant for beginners to learn programming for the first time, but rather to learn algorithms and apply them to problems. 

Club email: 
Advisor: Maish Goel 

Developers Guild

Developers’ Guild started in 2014 with the goal of facilitating the exploration of computer science through hands-on experience. Developers’ Guild creates a casual environment to practice real-world programming. We foster a community of avid programmers by tackling projects that interest us, participating and competing in events, and gathering skills and experience for the future. Our members are divided into various groups that focus on a different aspect of computer science, such as video game development, machine learning/AI, and web application development. Members in these groups will learn these computer science concepts and apply them in projects, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulties

When you join DG and attend our meetings, you can help contribute code and more to existing and new projects that you can add to your portfolio for future jobs or even transfer. Learn new concepts with a community of people that share a passion for programming!



 DG Meeting November 2022

Game Dev Club 

The purpose of the club is to collaborate and learn about video game development. We strive to strengthen people’s knowledge about all aspects of development of video games, including design, programming, art, and sound. Our goal is to create a place where people can learn and practice development with fellow students, as well as create a place for discussion and enthusiasm for the medium. 

President: Gregory Weber 
Advisor: Abeer Alameer 

Google Developers Student Club

A community-run developers student club supported by Google Developers. The GDSC will enhance educational, recreational, social, or cultural environment of De Anza College by being inclusive to all students, by transferring knowledge to students, by forging closer relationships between students and local businesses in the community, and by promoting diversity in the tech community.

Ronald Kleinman

 Women in Computer Science






  • AND MUCH MORE Past Events


Microsoft Azure Program

The Microsoft Azure Program provides software to students actively enrolled in specific CIS classes including C, C++, Visual Basic, and Project Management to mention a few.  For more information regarding the Microsoft Azure Program, please contact Bachlan Nguyen, Business/Computer Systems Lab Coordinator.


  1. Click Activate now >  At Sign In window Type 8 digits Student
  2. Next, log in with school Student ID and myportal password.
  3. At the Stay Sign In: Click YES
  4. At About You window
  5.         Review your First and Last Name
  6.        Email address
  7.         Phone: cell phone #
  8. Microsoft will automatically send a code to your phone or email in a few seconds.
  9.        Type in 6 digit code
  10.        Click at the Sign Up
  11. Wait a few minutes, Azure website will be displayed
  12. Click at Software (upper left corner) to see the software list.
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