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Date: December 8, 2023
Time: 12 noon
Location: Zoom

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      Welcome and Introductions I/D All

    Status of the AB705 webpage

    Casie will work to post past and present agendas and notes on this page.

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    FYI Math Changes coming soon (Math Department/Assessment)

    • Math 12 prerequisites 
    • Math 1A placement rules 
    • Math 114 prereq statement 
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    AB1705 Changes & Impacts Discussion 

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  • Minutes [DRAFT]

    Dec. 8, 2023 Meeting Notes

    Attendees: Catherina Wong, Mary Alice Bonilla, Kristin Skager, Lydia Hearn, Erik Woodbury, Karen Chow, Patty Guitron, Kim Te, Melissa Aguilar, Lisa Ly, Mehrdad Khosravi, Yvette Campbell, Mallory Newell, Casie Wheat 

    Status of the AB705 webpage:

    Casie will work to post past and present agendas and notes on this webpage. 

    FYI Math Changes coming soon (Math Department/Assessment)
    Math 12 prerequisites 

    Under AB1705 MATH12 should be an open entry course. Curriculum leads shared that the typical timeline for a change in curriculum is one year (F2025). But the MATH12 change could be as soon as Fall 2024 if this is a major priority. Articulation leads would also need to be involved in this type of change.

    Math 1A placement rules 

    Under AB1705, U.S. high school transcript assessment rules would place a student into MATH1A if they completed one year of precalculus (or higher-level math course) with a C or better in high school. The Assessment Center will make this change after winter 2023 registration closes. These changes will be presented at a winter quarter counseling in-service. T

    Math 114 prereq statement 

    The MATH114 course syllabus will include a statement that tells students that this course is only for those students with an ed goal of local AA/AS degree or certificate (and not for transfer students). 

    Department Updates

    Math: The math department discussed the need for student math support. MPS, tutoring and corequisites continue to be an option for students needing help with transfer-level math courses. The group discussed partnering math courses with learning communities.

    English: The English department shared that EWRT1A+LART250 enrollment demands remain high. EWRT1A success rates have declined. Also, there continues to be a need for better student messaging around the registration for EWRT1A+LART250. 

    ESL: ESL continues to grow enrollment with improvements in enrollment process information offered in multiple languages and partnering with Adult Ed community programs. Noncredit demand is part of this, however persistence rates in noncredit sections seem to show a declining trend. The department is looking into why this might be happening. 
    Curriculum Committee – Caterina Wong will now be the faculty lead for Curriculum. 

    AB1705 Changes & Impacts Discussion 

    The group discussed how to meet students' basic skills needs with a partnership with adult education/dual enrollment. Dual enrollment adult ed students are excluded from AB1705 mandates.

    The group hopes that the AB1705 grant money will allow the college the space and time to meet AB1705 mandates. 

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