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Date: February 23, 2024
Time: 12 noon
Location: zoom

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      Welcome and Introductions I/D All

    AB705/1705 webpage:  

    I/D All

    FYI Math Changes under AB 1705 (Math Department/Assessment)

    • Math 12 prerequisites – in progress (?) 
    • Math 1A placement rules – live for spring reg! 
    I/D All

    AB1705 Changes & Impacts Discussion 

    I/D All

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  • Minutes [DRAFT]

    Meeting Notes for Feb. 23, 2024

    Attendees: Karen Chow, Thomas Ray, Catherina Wong, Kim Te, Lydia Hearn, Felisa Vilaubi, Mehrdad Khorsravi, Casie Wheat 

    AB705/1705 webpage: (All) 

    Casie shared the AB705/1705 webpage now lists past meeting notes. 

    FYI Math Changes under AB 1705 (Math Department/Assessment)
    Math 12 prerequisites – in progress (?) 

    Math 12 prerequisite statement change request has been submitted to Curriculum. The math department would review the Math 12 curriculum soon. They also plan to develop a co-requisite (credit/mirrored noncredit offering). Mehrdad noted that our Math 12 course is like what other colleges offer as a two-sequence applied mathematics course. 

    Math 1A placement rules – live for spring reg! 

    Casie shared that the required AB1705 math placement rules for MATH1A and precalc have gone live for spring 2024 registration. Casie is presenting these math changes to the 2/28 Counseling In-Service. Hoping to make math course option messaging more student friendly. 

    Department updates (All)
    AB1705 Changes & Impacts Discussion (All) 

    The group discussed possible opportunities for those students who may not benefit from AB1705 changes. The group expressed the need for more options for those student populations who were excluded from AB1705—per legislation, specifically those students who didn’t earn a diploma from a U.S. high school, those that are not seeking to transfer/degree, etc. The group also questioned if the legislation specifically stated that the college was restricted from offering a developmental/pre-transfer course to “AB1705 excluded populations,” or if the legislation only stated that the college could not place a student into or require certain populations to take a developmental/pre-transfer course. 

    Felisa stated that there is a need to offer English, ESL and math courses for the adult ed students and that adult ed students are an “AB1705 excluded population.” The group suggested that the Math, ESL and EWRT faculty and EPS counselors might strategize on curriculum offerings (could any of the existing developmental course outlines be viable?), faculty buy-in (is there an interest to teach these courses? What are the minimum quals for adult ed instruction on an adult ed site?), student needs (English vs. ESL, MATH114 offerings, seat count, etc.) and what a feasible timeline might look like. Felisa commented that a winter quarter launch/pilot might be a good option as fall is an intense quarter for the adult ed population. 

    The group agreed to continue with quarterly meetings. The spring quarter meeting would be scheduled for early to mid-April 

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