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De Anza College Awning Policy

De Anza College has a distinct architectural style that conveys a sense of open space in an urban environment. Both the architectural style and sense of openness contribute to the overall atmosphere of the college community. On occasion departments/programs request the installation of an awning on their building location to create a sense of identity or to provide shelter. In general the Facilities Planning Team does not support the installation of awnings for identification purposes, but will consider a request and make recommendations when there is a direct connection to safety of students or to protect the facility from deterioration. The Facilities Planning Team has adopted the following procedure and criteria concerning the acquisition and installation of awnings on campus.

The Facilities Planning Team in conjunction with Plant Services will identify an awning standard (type and color) that is consistent with the architectural style of the campus and can be used in a variety of applications. Departments/programs that would like to add an awning to a campus structure must submit a request to the Facilities Planning Team along with a rationale for the request and the funding source to pay for the awning and ongoing maintenance. The Facilities Planning Team will review the request based on the following criteria:

  1. Purpose of awning
  2. Location of awning
  3. Code considerations
  4. Architectural integrity of campus
  5. Impact on lighting and signage
  6. Access issues

If approved by the Facilities Planning Team, the request for the awning will be submitted to College Council for final approval. Upon the approval of College Council the requesting Department/Program will work with the Associate Vice President of College Operations and a designated representative from Plant Service to finalize the awning specifications and installation.

Campus Memorial Policy and Procedure

De Anza College is a community of diverse faculty and staff who work together to provide students with an engaging collegiate experience.  In the course of this work, lasting bonds are developed that may continue after the death of a co-worker. To facilitate expressions of collegial remembrance and appreciation this policy and procedure outlines the process for establishing memorials for DeAnza college faculty and staff.

Divisions, departments, individual faculty or staff members(s) and immediate family members may request the establishment of a scholarship, dedication of a bench or a tree planting in remembrance of a deceased faculty or staff member. The Foothill-De Anza Community College Foundation handles requests for the establishment of a scholarship, while requests for the dedication of a bench or the planting of a tree are reviewed and approved by the Campus Facilities Team.


Request for dedications of a memorial bench or the planting of a tree should be in writing and directed to the Campus Facilities Team through the office of the Associate Vice President of College Operations. The request should include the name of the deceased faculty or staff person and the type of memorial (bench or tree). If a specific campus location is desired this should be included in the request. 

The requestor is responsible for all costs associated with the memorial including plaque, plaque stand, tree and any additional planting material requested around the tree. Plaques are a standard size and color and can be order from the College. Trees and plantings must be selected from the College’s approved plant list and fit within the College’s landscape master plan.

The Associate VP of College Operations will present the request to the Campus Facilities Team for review and approval. In reviewing the request, the Campus Facilities Team will consider the type of memorial and if requested, the location. If the Campus Facilities Team determines the requested location is inconsistent with the college facility use or landscape master plan, an alternate location will be suggested. The final decision on the location of the memorial is the sole purview of the Campus Facilities Team.

Once approved by the Campus Facilities Team, staff from College Operations and Plant Services will work with the requestor on the installation of the memorial.

De Anza College Motorized Vehicle Policy

General Policy

De Anza College is a 112-acre campus bordered by Steven Creek Boulevard on the north, McClellan Road on the south, Stelling Road on the east and Route 85 on the west. The campus is organized around quad areas with large pedestrian pathways connecting them. Over the years vehicles driven by District personnel, faculty and vendors have increasingly used the pathways as vehicular routes. The pathways are not intended as vehicular routes and their use for this purpose is a safety issue for students, staff, faculty and visitors.

To ensure the safety of individuals on the De Anza campus, motorized vehicles will be restricted to the Campus Drive, parking lots and parking garages. The only exceptions to this general policy are:

  • Police Emergency Vehicles
  • District Vehicles

It is also the intent of De Anza College to keep the central quads (A, L, S and Main Quad) free of all vehicles.  These quad areas are heavily utilized pedestrian pathways and student gathering areas. For academic and safety reasons only electric charts, police and emergency vehicles are allowed to traverse these areas. Parking in the quads is restricted to electric carts and police/emergency vehicles. 

General Vehicular Rules

Foothill-De Anza Board policy states it is unlawful to exceed the posted speed limits on open campus roadways (on the De Anza campus this is Campus Drive) or in excess of 15 MPH within designated parking facilities or their respective access ways.

Police and Emergency Vehicles

If police and/or emergency vehicles are on campus they are here for a life safety issue. Police and/or emergency vehicles always have the right of way when driving through campus even though they may not have red lights or sirens on.

District Vehicles

District Vehicles are vehicles that support the routine activities of the campus. These vehicles include the Disabled Student Support Tram, trucks and electric carts that are clearly designated as FHDA Plant Services, Custodial, Grounds and AV/Technology. With the exception of electric carts that use campus pathways as routine routes to traverse campus, all other District vehicles will use the Campus Drive to get from one side of campus to the other and enter the campus at the closest entry point to their destinationDistrict vehicles must maintain a speed of no more than 5mph on pathways and yield to pedestrians.

Wheelchairs and Special Need Vehicles

Vehicles providing services for persons with special needs (Disabled Student Support Tram, Outreach Vans i.e.) have several designated drop off areas:

  •  In front of PE13
  •  Parking Lot C in front of PE5
  •  Parking Lot E in front of Outdoor Events Arena
  •  Staff Lot A in front of the Student and Community Services Building

Wheel chairs and the Disabled Student Support Tram are the only special needs vehicles that may drive on campus pathways. People in wheelchairs must drive safely at speeds of 5mph or less and must yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Special needs vehicles that drop off students at PE 13 must enter and exit the campus through Parking Lot C. Special needs vehicles are prohibited from driving through campus to pick up or drop off students and must drive no more than 5MPH when accessing and exiting drop off areas.

Delivery Vehicles

Delivery vehicles are vehicles that provide goods to the campus. These vehicles include but are not limited to UPS trucks, armored cars, office supply trucks and US Mail. Delivery vehicles must not use campus pathways to traverse campus but must enter campus pathways from the parking lot closest to the delivery point. If on a campus pathway delivery trucks may not exceed 5 MPH and must yield to pedestrians.

Service and Contract Vehicles

Service and contract vehicles are vehicles that support contracts with vendors such as office furniture, food service, entertainment, movers and construction. All service and contract vehicles must obtain a Loading/Unloading Parking Permit from Police and must display it at all times while parked in Campus parking lots.Service and contract vehicles should not drive through campus or park on campus pathways. Service and contract vehicles must enter campus through the closest parking lot to their destination. If on a campus pathway service and contract vehicles may not exceed 5 MPH and they must yield to pedestrians. Service and contract vehicles must adhere to the posted speed limits on Campus Drive and cannot exceed 15 MPH within designated parking facilities or their respective access ways.

Faculty and Staff Loading and Unloading

Faculty and staff who need to load or unload items should perform this activity before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m. If it is necessary for a faculty or staff member to load or unload items between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. a Loading/Unloading Parking Permit must be obtained from Campus Police. This permit must be displayed in the window of the vehicle to avoid a citation. Thirty minutes is the maximum parking time for vehicles loading or unloading on campus. Vehicles parked for longer than thirty minutes will be cited.

If a faculty or staff drives on a campus pathway to access their load/unloading destination, they may not exceed 5 MPH and they must yield to pedestrians.

Special Events

Vehicles will not be allowed to park on campus pathways. If, however, vehicles are on campus loading or unloading equipment and supplies as a part of a special activity or event they must display a Loading/Unloading Parking Permit. It is the responsibility of the sponsor of the activity or event to ensure that participants who will be loading or unloading on campus are given a copy of the Policy on Motorized Vehicles on Campus. Sponsors are also responsible for obtaining a Loading/Unloading Parking Permit for participants and ensuring the permits are properly displayed. Thirty minutes will be allowed for loading and unloading. Vehicles parked on campus pathways for longer than 30 minutes will be cited.


Signage indicating driving is not allowed on campus will be posted at every entrance to the interior of campus. (See Vehicles on Campus Map) Signs will read, “Authorized District Vehicles Only”. Citations will be issued for violations of driving or parking on campus as authorized by the California Vehicle Code 23113 and Foothill-De Anza Community College District Board Policy.

Campus Center Use and Operations

The Marjorie L. Hinson Campus Center is the hub of activity for De Anza students, faculty and staff. The lower level of the Campus Center is the town hall for the De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB) and the Inter Club Council (ICC). The lower level also houses the Office of College Life, Health Services Office, and several offices for EOPS/CARE Program. In addition to the above student activities and services, Le Café is located on the lower level of the Campus Center.

On the upper level of the Campus Center are De Anza Dining Services, the cafeteria, staff and faculty dining room, the Fireside Room and seven conference and meeting rooms (Conference Room A and B, El Clemente, Don Bautista, Santa Cruz, Meeting Rooms 1 and 2). During the academic year the Campus Center is open Monday-Thursday from 7 A.M-10 P.M., and on Fridays from 7 A.M.-5 P.M. Friday. Dining Services are available Monday-Thursday from 7A.M.- 8:30 and 7 A.M.- 2P.M. on Friday. Summer hours for the Campus Center are 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday- Thursday. Dining Services is open from 7 A.M. to 2 P.M. The Campus Center and Dining Services are closed on Fridays during the summer.

Operations in the Campus Center are overseen by the Campus Center Director who is responsible for Dining Services, facilitating and coordinating the meeting room needs of students, faculty, staff and community groups/organizations and ensuring the building and its furnishing are maintained. The Campus Center operates as a stand-alone enterprise that is expected to be self-sustaining.  The demand for conference and meeting rooms during the prime time of 11 A.M.-2 P.M. is often much greater than the available space.


In order to ensure an equitable use of the facility by college groups, organizations and individuals, the following room reservation policy and procedures have been established. DASB chambers and Council Chambers have been reserved for the use of student groups and organizations. The six standing committees of the DASB, (Student Rights and Services, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Environmental Sustainability, and Diversity and Events) will be given priority in booking meeting space in the Santa Cruz, Don Bautista and El Clemente rooms each academic quarter.  The Campus Center Director will also give scheduling priority to club meetings in the Santa Cruz Room. To receive priority booking for DASB and student clubs, the Office of College Life must provide the Campus Center Director with the request for meeting space the last week of the proceeding quarter. Once the request is received, the Campus Center Director will work with the Office of College Life to confirm the requested bookings.

 In June of each academic year programs, student groups, clubs and organizations that have annual events shall provide the Campus Center Director with a list of the annual events e.g. Career Day, Blood Drive, and dates so that s/he can book these events on the next year’s Campus Center academic calendar. Failure to provide the Campus Center Director with this information may result in the loss or of the date or booking.


The Main Quad and Campus Center Patio are hubs of campus life and student interaction. When unscheduled, these areas are to be made available to recognized student and staff organizations at no cost. The exception to “no cost” is the need or request for special equipment and/or staffing. With this in mind, it should be remembered that the Campus Center operates as a stand-alone enterprise, offering many services to the college and the community, with limited resources. Activities cannot interfere with the business operation of the Campus Center, including the use of rooms by students, staff and community groups; the business operation of Dining Services, including the sale, preparation and consumption of food; or the administration of the various services in the Campus Center such as Office of College Life, EOPS/CARE, Health Services and Police Department.

The Main Quad is the area between the Administration Building on the south and the Campus Center Patio fencing on the north. The west boundary for the Main Quad is the elevated landing just outside of the doors to the Library, while the east boundary is the first set of steps leading down to the L Quad including the landing. The Campus Center Patio is the area outside of the west end of the Campus Center that is enclosed by fencing and has tables, chairs and a stage. Student groups wishing to use one or both areas should submit a request through the Office of College Life.

Faculty, staff, and organizations other than student clubs that wish to use the Main Quad should submit A Facilities Application Contract to the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator. The Facilities Application Contract can be obtained from the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator office located in the Administration Building. The Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator will review the application and coordinate with the Office of College Life to ensure that there are no conflicting events scheduled in the Campus Center Patio.


Students wishing to reserve the Campus Center Patio or Main Quad for an activity must complete an Event Planning Request Form at least 10 days prior to the event and submit it to the Dean of Student Development or her/his representative for approval. The request form must also be reviewed and signed by the Campus Center Director for use of the Campus Center Patio and by the Campus of Facilities Rental Coordinator for the Main Quad. The Event Planning Request Form may be obtained from the Office of College Life.

Use of the Campus Center Patio stage must also be reserved through the Office of College Life. An Event Planning Request Form must be completed for use of the Campus Center Patio stage.


  • Location for the event will be in the patio area or Main Quad. During a rainy period, or when the temperature drops below 50 degrees, the event may be relocated to an available space in the Campus Center with the approval of the Campus Center Director.
  • Foothill DeAnza Board policy 3217 states “… smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor campus locations, with the exception of designated smoking areas.”
  • An event may not exceed a total of 90 minutes. The exception to this rule is approved annual events such as Club Day.
  • Events that are held or extend after normal business hours or occur on the weekends must have an advisor who is a contracted Foothill-De Anza Community College District employee.
  • Amplified events will be limited to four per week during the day and two per week during the evening.
  • Amplified music and voices will be allowed only between the hours of 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This will be strictly enforced, to the extent that power will be cut at 1:30 p.m. and/or 8:00 p.m., even if the event started late.
  • Events on the Patio or in the Main Quad with amplified music or voices, are not to exceed 80 decibels at a distance of 50 feet from the speakers between 11:30 am. and 1:30 p.m.. After 5 P.M. the decibel level must not exceed 65 at a distance of 50 feet from the speakers. If the event is moved into the Campus Center due to inclement weather the decibel level is not to exceed 50 decibels at a distance of 25 feet or more. If after one warning, the sound level is out of compliance, the activity may be terminated. The Dean, Student Development, her/his designee, or the Vice President, Student Services will make the determination to end the amplification. In the absence of these staff members, the Campus Center Director will make such determination.
  • Vendors and professional entertainment groups should bring their own public address system if needed. The Office of College Life may provide a PA system for authorized student activities. Damage or loss to Office of College Life equipment will be paid by the sponsoring organizations. In some cases a certificate of insurance and hold harmless provisions may be required.
  • Arrangements for loading and unloading of equipment and supplies are to be made with the Office of College Life or with the Assistant Chief of Police of the FHDA Police.
  • All unloading and loading should be from behind the Patio stage area or close to the vendor table(s). No vehicles will be allowed to park in the Patio or Quad area. Groups must obtain a permit to unload equipment from the Office of College Life or the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator.. Unloading/loading permits must be clearly displayed on the vehicle.  Once the vehicle is unloaded the vehicle must be move and park in a designated parking area. Vehicles not in compliance with this rule will be cited.
  • A sign designating sponsorship of the event must be posted and visible at the site of the event during the activity. The Office of College Life must approve all student signage. *

Exceptions to the above rules may be requested in writing from the Dean, Development or her/his designee who will call a meeting with the DASB and/or ICC representatives and the Campus Center Director and/or Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator to discuss the request and make a determination.

Campus Center Patio and Main Quad Use Charges

Generally there will be no charge assessed to student groups and organizations for the use of the Campus Center Patio or Main Quad. Charges may be incurred, however, for request requiring on going staffing, additional staff or the rental of furniture and/or equipment. If there will be charges associated with an event the Campus Center Director and/or Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator will identify these charges during the planning process for the event. In some cases, charges may be assessed after the event to cover unanticipated expenses. If it is necessary to levy charges for unanticipated expenses the Campus Center Director and/or Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator will provide the group with an itemized bill for the charges.

*Signage will be allowed to the extent that the sign advertises the event or the name of the sponsoring organization. Leafleting of dining services customers at tables is not allowed.

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