Facilities Master Plan 2021-2026 Task Force

With Board approval of the FHDA Facilities Master Plan 2021-2026 in May 2021, the work of the task force is complete. No further meetings will be held.

Task Force Duration: 10/13/2020 - 04/22/2021.

05/03/2021 - The Board approved the Foothill-De Anza Community College District - 2021-2026 Facilities Master Plan (FMP)

4/22/2021 - College Council reviewed the presentation and approved the final De Anza Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan 2016-2021 is due for an update. It is the role of the Campus Facilities team to oversee the development of the next five-year FMP. Following the passage of the Measure G bond in the amount of $898,000,000 on March 3, 2020, the FMP is being updated one year early.  The Campus Facilities team is part of the shared governance structure. Members are appointed by the various constituent groups. The Campus Facilities members and  advisory members form the core of the FMP task force.  The FMP task force also includes volunteers. On October 6, 2020  an email was sent out to the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, DASB, Equity Action Council and the administrators to request volunteers (in addition to the Campus Facilities Committee) to serve on the task force.  All names forwarded via the constituent groups were invited to serve on the task force.  The task force members were tasked with sharing their thoughts and ideas on the needs of the campus as a whole, looking forward over the next 10 – 40 years and not just to represent their own areas over the short term.
FHDA has contracted with Gensler an educational architecture, design and planning firm who guided and produced our current FMP (2016-2021) to work with us for the 2021-2026 FMP.

FMP Task Force Timeline

Meetings held on Tuesdays 2-4 p.m. Presentations are provided by Gensler and will be posted after the meetings once received by the college.

FMP Task Force Members and Important Dates

FMP task force includes all voting and advisory role members from the Campus Facilities committee and the following volunteers
(Email requesting participation on FMP task force sent to Academic Senate, Administrators, Classified Senate, DASB, Equity Action Council. All volunteers were included on the task force)

Main Campus Facilities Committee Members FMP Taskforce Volunteers
Chair: Director, College Operations: Jennifer Mahato (from 1/18/2021) Pam Grey, VP Administrative Services (acting Chair to 1/17/2021)
• Manny Da Silva, Manager, College Operations (untll 12/20/2020)
• Jorge Rodrigues Interim Manager, College Operations (from 01/042021)
• Eric Mendoza, Dean, Physical Education & Athletics
• Daniel Smith, Dean, Creative Arts

Classified Professionals appointed by Classified Senate:
• Tina Lockwood, FF&E Coordinator
• Sarah Wallace, Athletics Facilities & Equipment Assistant
• Chris Winn, Campus Facilities Rental Coord

District Facilities Representative (employee class not designated)
• Anthony Caceres as of 2/1/2021
• Jennifer Mahato (until 1/18/2021)

Faculty appointed by Academic Senate
• Carol Cini (Winter/Spring 2020) Social Sciences & Humanities - History Instructor
• Eugene Rodriguez, Creative Arts - General Arts Instructor
• Tim Shively Language Arts - English Instructor (Fall 2020) 
•  Richard Hansen Early Retiree -  Math Instructor (Winter 2021)
•Mary Sullivan, Student Services  -Director, Health Ed & Wellness

Students appointed by DASB:
• Matthew Holt
• Zoe Vulpe
• Yuetong Zhang

Invited Guests (Advisory Role):
Chief of Police: Danny Acosta
Director, Campus Center: Patrick Gannon
DSS Representative Adapted Physical Educational Specialist Cindy Lee
Director, Health Services: Rosafel Nogra

• Sam Bliss, Dean, Community Education
• Gokce Kasikci, Creative Arts (P/T Film Production Instructor)
• Michele LeBleu Burns, Dean, Student Development & EOPS
• Cheryl Oweinsy, Physical Education & Athletics (PE Instructor)
• Andrew Stoddard, Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies (Design & Manufacturing Technologies Instructor)
• Bill Wishart, Business, Computer Science and Applied Technologies (Automotive Technology Instructor) • Hyon Chu Yi-Baker, Coordinator, College Life
• Alicia Cortez, Dean, Equity & Engagement
Date Topic
Oct 13, 2020 First FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m Agenda: 1) Introductions 2) Process 3) Timeline 4) Measures of Success 5) Campus Observations 6) Next Steps. Gensler presentation. Participants
Oct 6, 2020 Email sent to  Academic Senate, Classified Senate, DASB, Equity Action Council and the administrators to request volunteers (in addition to the Campus Facilities Committee) to serve on the task force.
Oct 30, 2020 Board of Trustees Study Session on Measure G Construction Bond Planning email sent to APBT, Campus Facilities & FMP Task Force members and advisory role guests
Nov 2, 2020 Board of Trustees Study Session: Measure G General Obligation Bond Program Planning Update.
Award of RFP #1843, Facilities Condition Assessment
Establish a Pool of Pre-Qualified Architectural Firms
Nov 3, 2020 Second FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m. Agenda: (1) Project Status (2) Key Issues (3) Space Analysis a) Existing Space Inventory b) FMP Space Program (4) Opportunities (5) Next Steps. Gensler Presentation (The blue sticky notes were the recording of the comments from the meeting) Participants
Nov 10, 2020 "Campus Facilities Survey – We'd Like Your Input" was emailed out to all employees and students. Reminder email to complete survey sent 11/17/2020.
Nov 24, 2020 Third FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m.  Agenda: (1) Facilities Planning Principles (DRAFT) (2) Development Concepts. The "Campus Facilities Survey – We'd Like Your Input"  will be closing on 11/23, and Gensler will also give a really high level report of the number of people that took the survey, but won’t be ready with analysis for this meeting. Gensler Presentation with annotations. Participants & Zoom chat from meeting.
Dec 8, 2020 Fourth FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m. Agenda: (1) Project Status (2) Survey Findings (3) Facilities Planning Principles Confirmation (4) Preliminary Options (5) Next Steps. Gensler Presentation with annotations. Participants and Zoom chat from meeting.
Jan 19, 2021* Fifth FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m. Agenda: (1) Project Status (2) Online Survey Recap (3) Facilities Planning Principles  (4) Preliminary Recommendations (5) Next Steps. Gensler Presentation with annotations. Participants and zoom chat from meeting.
Feb 4-10, 2021 Student Focus Groups. Agenda: We are developing the long range vision for De Anza College facilities and we are scheduling focus groups to include student voices in the planning process. Some of you may have completed a survey. We learned a lot from the survey results, and we want to expand the conversation and hear about your experiences. Questions: Why you chose De Anza College? Favorite place to study and why? Favorite place to socialize and why? Least Favorite places on campus and why? Where do you feel a sense of belonging and why? Is there any place where you feel less welcome and why?

FMP task force requested members reach out to students to volunteer to attend a one hour focus group session. FMP student reps, the office of equity, DSS, Athletics & Creative Arts all provided student names. FMP student reps also provided a google form to allow students to select a session based on their availability. First email was send out 1/28 with a reminder sent on  2/1. All students who complete the form were invited to attend a session as per below. The three FMP student reps, Yuetong Zhang, Zoe Vulpe, Matthew Holt were invited to all student focus groups.
2/4 8-9 a.m. Session participants & chat.
2/9 noon-1 p.m. Session participants & chat.
2/10 noon-1 p.m. Session participants & chat.
Feb 11, 2021

District wide Sustainability Workshop. Time 2-4 p.m. FMP task force requested student reps provide student names to attend this workshop. Invitations were also sent to the Environmental Studies department. Participants. Chat. Gensler Presentation. Zoom recording.

Feb 16, 2021** Sixth and final FMP Task Force Meeting 2-4 p.m. Participants. Chat. Gensler presentation.
Mar 18, 2021
3-4 p.m.

Campuswide FMP Informational Meeting to present Initial Draft FMP 2021-2016.    Invitation & Participants.
Mar 26, 2021 Preliminary Draft FMP 2021-2026
Apr 02, 2021 Revised Draft FMP 2021-2026
Apr 16, 2021 Final Draft FMP 2021-2026
Apr 22, 2021 FMP 2021-2026  approved by College Council
 May 3, 2021 Foothill-De Anza Community College District - 2021-2026 Facilities Master Plan (FMP) approved by Board.
Direct link to FMP

 * January 12, 2021 meeting rescheduled to January 19, 2021 to allow for more time to prep for the meting.

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