Resource Allocations


Resources to inform the process


RAPP members developed a planning timeline (adopted spring 2023) for the 2023-24 academic year to guide program review, instructional equipment requests, personnel prioritization and more.

RAPP Timeline 2023-24

2023-24 Important Dates

RAPP approved the following dates for processes to take place in the 2023-24 academic year.

Evaluation of Resource Requests

  1. Amount of money available in various funds is confirmed by the Budget Advisory Committee by the end of Winter Quarter 
  2. Funds are distributed from most restrictive (i.e., Perkins) to least restrictive (i.e., Lottery)
  3. Requests for SWP/Perkins funds are evaluated and assigned a recommendation by the CTE committee and forwarded to RAPP
  4. Other restricted funds (i.e., grants) are evaluated and assigned by the fund manager and likewise forwarded to RAPP
  5. RAPP reviews requests not funded by restricted sources and finalizes recommendations for expenditures to College Council.

Criteria for Resource Requests

  1. Resource requests are evaluated for completeness and content by a subcommittee of RAPP. 
  2. Requests with missing or insufficient information are returned to area managers/deans for clarification. This may include: 
    • Errors in identifying requests that require labor/installation/infrastructure 
    • Errors in identifying the correct funding source
    • Incomplete or repetitive justifications
    • Questions regarding necessity or impact of desired purchases
    • Repeat of funded requests from previous years​.
      • These requests will still be considered, as long as updates are made and promptly and returned to the committee​.
  3. Requests are arranged with respect to needed/desired and direct/indirect impact on programs. This list is brought to the full RAPP committee for consideration


RAPP members agreed to the following as it pertains to lottery and instructional equipment (version 6.23.23)

  1. Establish an annual reserve for instructional equipment:
    1. Hold back $500,000 annually for instructional equipment and reassess annually
    2. $500k between the main account and the contingency account.
    3. larger requests could come out of the reserve.
    4. $100,000 will be reserved in the VPI contingency account.
  2. Establish a VPI contingency fund for emergency requests:
    1. if the request is over $100,000, the request must come to RAPP for approval.
    2. If under $100,000 can come from the contingency fund and VPI may use discretion to fund as needed. 
  3. Establish a Lottery contingency fund:
    1. establish a fund of $100,000.
    2. Lottery funds should be used first when applicable.
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