Creating a Learning Community

Once a faculty team has an idea for a learning community, contact a LinC coordinator to set up an appointment to review the process. At this preliminary meeting we will discuss the feasibility of the learning community you are proposing as well as when it could be offered. We will also give you three documents for your team to work on: the compatibility survey (PDF), the learning community proposal form (PDF) and the Faculty Guide. We will set a date or dates to meet to go over your response to these documents.

Compatibility Survey: 

Each team member should respond individually to the questions in this survey. At the meeting, we will facilitate a discussion of the issues raised in these questions. At this point, based on the outcome of the discussion, team members may decide to pursue the development of a learning community or not. If the decision is to continue, team members begin to complete together the proposal form.

Learning Community Proposal Form: 

Team members should work jointly to complete this document. When the proposal is ready, the team will meet with LinC leadership to review the proposal. Based on the discussion, the team may rewrite all or part of the proposal and then discuss the completed proposal with the LinC leadership. 

Faculty Guidelines:

When the proposal is approved, team members will review and sign the Faculty Guide and set dates for assessment and counseling interventions. Faculty will design a marketing flyer and arrange to visit "feeder" classes, if appropriate.

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