De Anza uses U.S. high school transcript information as the primary tool to assess most students for their knowledge and understanding of English, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Math.

In some cases, however, we may need additional information to match students with the right courses to help them succeed. Review the steps below to get started.

Check Your Placement

For most students, we already have your high school transcript on file. Log in to MyPortal > Apps > Student Registration. Look under "My Records" and select "View My Placement Results."

Questions about your placements? Visit our Results page.

  • ESL students: Use our ESL assessment process, designed to assist students who are learning English as a Second Language. You may not be able to register for any ESL courses until you complete the ESL assessment action steps. 

Complete a form to provide your high school information or GED Scores – If Needed

If you don't see a placement in MyPortal, you may need to provide your U.S. high school transcript information or your GED results, if you have them.

  • Submit your completed form by email to
  • Please allow up to five business days for processing.
  • You'll receive an email when your placement is available on MyPortal.

Take an Assessment - Only If Needed

Some students – for example, students who didn't complete grades 9-11 in a U.S. high school – may still need to take an online assessment for English/ESL and Math. If this applies to you, you will see a notification when you check MyPortal.

When you're ready to complete an online assessment, submit a request by using the Request Form.

Request Form

Report any AP Exam Scores or College Course Credit Earned - If Applicable

You can meet the assessment requirement by reporting previously earned English and Math college course credit.

You just need to provide the Admissions, Evaluations Unit with documentation of any college English or Math course credit earned by Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores or college transcripts. Here's how you can this:

  • Option 1: Have your official College Board AP Exam Score Report evaluated by sending an official College Board AP Exam Score Report to De Anza's Admissions Office. See the AP Scores webpage for more information.
  • Option 2: Have your official transcript evaluated by sending an official transcript to De Anza's Admissions Office. See the Transcript Evaluations webpage for more information.
  • Option 3: Complete the Prerequisite Clearance process using an unofficial copy of your AP scores or an unofficial copy of your college transcripts.

You must complete Option 1 or Option 2 if you want to meet the assessment requirement for Priority Enrollment. Alternatively, you may participate in De Anza's assessment process if you choose not to submit AP scores or college transcripts.

Complete Orientation, Create an Ed Plan

You'll want to complete Orientation and create an Educational Plan, so you are on track for your educational goals.

  • Be sure to talk with your counselor about which Math, English or ESL classes are right for you.  A counselor can tell you which classes are required for your academic goals, and help you find classes that provide extra support. 

Register for your courses!

See the Steps to Register webpage for general information about registering.

  • If you're registering for EWRT 1A or a related course, such as LART 250, be sure to visit the EWRT Registration Tips webpage.
  • If you're registering for MATH 10, MATH 31 or MATH 32 with a corequisite, or companion course, be sure to visit the Math Registration Tips webpage.

For more information about assessment results, including options for reassessment or challenging your placement, visit the Assessment Results webpage.

High School Transcript Assessment Form

If we don't have your U.S. high school transcript on file, you'll need to download this form, fill it out and email it to 

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