How to Take Classes at Other Schools

If you wish to take a class at Foothill College or any other institution while attending De Anza on the F-1 Visa, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

You must first meet with an ISP academic counselor to review the Concurrent Enrollment process and complete the form together. Once you meet with the counselor, they will review how to apply to the other school, the timeline, and approval process.

We recommend meeting with a counselor during drop-in hours to talk about this. If you’re not able to come to drop-in hours, you may also correspond via email with your ISP Counselor.  

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Step 2:

  • Taking Classes at Foothill College

    IMPORTANT You MUST meet with the ISP counselor BEFORE you submit an online CCCapply form to Foothill College. The Foothill College Admissions Office will put a registration hold on your student account once you submit your CCCApply application, which will block you from registering for classes at both Foothill and De Anza Colleges. If you are nearing your De Anza registration date, we recommend registering for De Anza classes before applying for concurrent enrollment.

    Once you have met with the counselor, you will apply using the online CCCapply form.

    • When you submit the application, you will see a confirmation page with a CCCApply Confirmation Number.
    • Save this confirmation page because you will need the number later.

    Please note:

    • After completing the form with the counselor and going through the CCCapply process, it may take a few days for all parties to process your concurrent enrollment request.
    • Once you receive an email confirmation indicating that the concurrent enrollment request has been completed, you will then be able to register for classes at Foothill College.
  • Taking Classes Elsewhere

    If you want to take classes at another college or university besides Foothill College, you must first consult your assigned ISP counselor.

    • You can email your counselor to begin this process.
    • Visit the ISP Counselors webpage for their contact information.
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