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Health Insurance Cards

Health Insurance cards are emailed to students every quarter, shortly after the quarter begins. If you do not receive yours within two to three days, email the ISP office with your student ID number and full name to request a copy. 

All students attending De Anza College on an F-1 visa must purchase a health insurance plan selected by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District. The cost is $552 per quarter, which will be automatically added to your quarterly tuition and fees. For students whose first quarter is Summer, the insurance fee will be $288.

  • This plan offers the best possible medical coverage at the best possible price.
  • Under this plan, you may choose from a wide variety of health care providers in our local communities who participate in the Cigna preferred provider organization (PPO).
  • The plan provides up to $250,000 in coverage per year, with 100% coverage after the copayment (usually $50-$100) for most doctors and clinic or hospital services within the PPO network.
  • The co payment may be waived if you first make an appointment with the college Student Health Services office.

Important Facts About Coverage

Payment and coverage dates

Your $552 payment purchases insurance coverage for a four-month period:

  • Fall: Aug. 15–Dec. 14
  • Winter: Dec. 15–April 14
  • Spring: April 15–Aug. 14

Since students who start in Summer are out of the regular insurance period, a $288 fee will be added to their tuition once their SEVIS has been activated and the coverage will go from June15 until August 14.

You may purchase one additional month of transition insurance before the insurance period if you arrive in the United States before a coverage period starts.

If you leave De Anza or Foothill College before the end of the academic year, your insurance coverage ends on the last day of the last quarter for which you paid. 

Limitations and exclusions

The Cigna plan offers comprehensive benefits. As with any insurance plan, however, there are some specific limits to the coverage. If you incur charges for a service that is not covered or an amount that exceeds your coverage, you are responsible for paying those charges. 

Be sure to carefully review the "Exclusions and Limitations" section of the plan brochure so you know what is not covered or has limited coverage. If you have any questions or want to verify whether your plan covers a specific service, call Academic HealthPlans, Inc. at 800.537.1777.   


The plan has a required copayment of $50 per visit for all physicians’ services.  If you make an appointment with the Student Health Services office before and they refer you to a doctor, the copayment may be waived.

Enrolling dependents

Dependents are not automatically enrolled in this health insurance plan.  You must complete an Enrollment Form for Dependents to add your spouse or child to the coverage.  Please contact the ISP office if you would more information about dependent enrollment.

Waiving  health insurance

De Anza and Foothill College do not grant waivers to international students who hold other insurance policies, whether U.S. or foreign.  If you maintain another health insurance plan,  you will still be required to purchase the health insurance selected by the Foothil-De Anza Community College District.  You may qualify for a waiver only if you meet certain  requirements. Please contact the ISP office if you have questions about the international health insurance waiver. The waiver form must be submitted to the ISP office along with all required documents no later than the second Friday of each quarter (fall, winter or spring).

Dental and vision coverage

Dental and Vision are not covered by this plan, If you want to add additional them please visit: https://deanza.mycare26.com/products

Coverage during O.P.T.

If you are no longer an F-1 visa student, you may not purchase health insurance under this plan. If you are involved in Optional Practical Training (OPT), you are eligible for the plan but you will not be automatically enrolled. You must enroll when you start OPT and remain enrolled through the entire OPT period.  To enroll during OPT, contact the office coordinator for ISP. Dependent coverage is not available for students enrolled during OPT. 

Coverage for COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine

Health insurance through De Anza College covers the cost of COVID-19 testing, vaccine, as well as treatment for F-1 students if you have symptoms.

COVID-19 vaccines are provided free of charge through local government vaccination sites. Please visit the state vaccination website to determine your eligibility and to sign up for an a vaccination appointment when you are eligible.

 [Please note that vaccinations are not covered through your student health insurance. However, as long as you receive your vaccine through a local government vaccination site, you should not be charged.]

If you have any further questions about health insurance coverage, please contact Ines Johnson at johnsonines@deanza.edu 

Refunds for Insurance Fees

You are responsible for paying the quarterly health insurance fee unless you notify the ISP office within the first two weeks of the quarter about one of the following circumstances

  • Your immigration or visa status has changed
  • You have obtained permanent residency status (green card)
  • You are transferring to another school or university
  • You are ending your studies or leaving the United States

You will qualify for a refund only if you notify the ISP office, within the first two weeks of the quarter, about one of the above.

If you don't pay the required fees, a hold will be placed on your student account. You will not be able to obtain transcripts or enroll in future quarters until the hold is cleared. If left unpaid, your debt may be sent to an outside agency for collection. This may affect your financial or credit rating in the future.

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Questions About Health Insurance?

  • Please contact Ines Johnson, the ISP office coordinator via email at johnsonines@deanza.edu
  • Alternatively, you can call Academic HealthPlans at 800.537.1777 for further assistance.
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