Departments and Programs

Our Social Sciences and Humanities Division includes 12 departments: Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Child Development and Education, Economics, Geography, History, Humanities, Paralegal Studies, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology and Sociology.

You can read a brief description of each one below, and click on each link to visit the department or program website, where you can learn more about our instructors, courses, degrees and certificates.

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, probation and parole, corrections and security. Our instructors have extensive experience. Courses include crime lab technology and cyber forensics. 


Anthropology is a comprehensive study of humankind, from its beginnings to the present. It seeks to understand all aspects of humans, biological and cultural, to provide a better understanding of who we are. 

CDE icon

The Child Development and Education provides training for working with infants to school-age children. Our programs align with permit and licensing processes, with training opportunites in our campus Child Development Center.

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Economics, also known as the "Science of Scarcity," is the study of how resources are used to satisfy human wants. Economics combines quantitative and qualitative methods to develop unique reasoning ability and vital perspective on social issues. 


Geography stimulates curiosity because it involves the study of the earth as created by natural forces and as modified by human action, providing a deeper understanding of relationships between people and the environment.

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History is the study of past individuals and societies viewed from every possible angle. Students of history learn to see themselves and society developing across time, thus attaining deeper and richer self-understanding.

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The Humanities engage students in critical analysis of how they know what they know, and promote recognition of the rich human plurality of histories, truths and worldviews. Students recognize themselves as active creators of cultural change.

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Paralegal Studies graduates work in government agencies, corporate legal departments and private law firms. We offer legal instruction and practical training in programs that satisfy the educational requirements of California law. 

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The Philosophy Department provides a multicultural learning environment that challenges students to think critically about their social responsibilities and pursue a more robust understanding of knowledge, reality, ethics and reasoning. 

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The Political Science Department fosters and promotes civic awareness and participation, as well as individual and group political empowerment. Our students learn how political decisions are made and how they affect all segments of society. 

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Psychology is the science that seeks to understand behavior and mental processes and apply this understanding in the service of human welfare. We provide the finest undergraduate transfer preparation in Psychology of any community college anywhere.

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Sociology explores a central paradox – that we both shape and are shaped by the society in which we live. Students learn how to understand the ways that webs of human relationships influence our worldview as well as our access to valuable resources.

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