Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Alternate Media Guidelines

This chart describes the requirements students with disabilities must follow to obtain alternate media.

To order alternate media at De Anza, see Steps to Obtain Alternate Media which details the procedures students use to obtain instructional materials in alternate media.

At anytime, return to the Alternate Media Services Description page which details the services and types of alternate media that is available at De Anza.

1. General Alternate Media Guidelines

1.1 Student Responsibilities:


Students must request an Alternate Media accommodation from their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist for authorization. An authorization must be submitted to the Alternate Media Specialist before alternate media can be requested.


Students are required to provide proof of purchase textbooks or other materials to be converted unless a publicly available copy is legally obtainable or the materials are provided to all De Anza students at no charge.


Students must sign off that they will not share or duplicate alternate media provided through DSS, nor permit anyone else to do so.

    • Electronic files are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed in a format other than that provided to the student.
    • Any further reproduction or unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law.

Misuse of alternate media may result in college disciplinary action.


Students must submit all requests in a timely manner, taking into account that delivery turn around time varies depending on the:

    • Format of the original source material,
    • Conversion process required,
    • Scope of the project,
    • Number of projects in priority order.


Students must alert their DSS Counselor or LD Specialist in the event that they are unable to or are delayed in obtaining required book information or course materials.

1.2 Materials and Preferences:


The College produces alternate media for only those materials:

    • Directly related to instruction, or
    • Required to provide access to college public information.


To determine and recommend the most appropriate format, the Alternate Media Specialist may consult with the:

    • Student,
    • DSS Counselor
    • LD Specialist, and/or
    • CAL faculty 

Preference is given to the format specified by the student, when possible.


Materials available on-line in an accessible format will typically be accessed directly by the student, using assistive technology on campus.


Students will be provided with one alternate format only for each material requested.

Multiple formats may be provided as an exception only on recommendation by a CAL instructor for the purpose of evaluating or learning appropriate assistive technology.


If a Daisy version or other alternate media of your choice is not available, the Alternate Media Specialist will advise regarding other options.

2. Timelines and Priorities

2.1 Production and Delivery:


Projections of completion or delivery dates for alternate media are determined on a case by case basis.


After receipt and review of an authorized Alternate Media accommodation and any accompanying materials, the Alternate Media Specialist will notify the student of a projected completion date. 


For alternate media requests of course examinations/tests:

    • Students must have followed the Steps and Guidelines for Test Accommodation. 
    • Arrangements must be made with the testing proctor a minimum of one academic week prior to the exam is or by the final exam deadline, whichever is applicable.
2.2 Priority Order:


Alternate Media production will normally follow a priority system, as follows:

    • Examination materials
    • Required textbooks
    • Class handouts
    • Required supplemental course materials
    • General college materials

3. Scanned Materials

3.1 Quantity for Scanning:


Books submitted for scanning will be scanned in their entirety, unless otherwise specified on the authorized Alternate Media accommodation.


Requests to scan only a portion or parts of a book are honored only on consultation with the Alternate Media Specialist or on the request of the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

3.2 Book Handling:


Books to be scanned will have their bindings removed. The book will be returned, unbound, with the alternate format materials.  Students may have the book rebound in a spiral binding at their own expense.  Student can make a special request for the binding to not be removed if no more than 50 pages are to be scanned.  No more than 2 requests in a quarter are permitted.

4. Equipment and Materials Loan

4.1 Terms of Loan:


Daisy CD Players may be borrowed on a short term basis only.  Students are expected to purchase their own player whenever possible.


Daisy books are loaned for a one quarter term.


Electronically-formatted books from the Alt Media Specialist are on loan for a one quarter term.

4.2 Return Due Dates:


All quarterly loans are due back in the DSS office no later than the last day of the Finals period.

5. Resolution of Alternate Media Issues

5.1 Exceptions to the Alternate Media Guidelines:


Any exception is subject to approval by, as appropriate,

    • Alternate Media Specialist
    • DSS Counselor or LD Specialist
    • DSPS Dean

5.2 Accommodation Effectiveness:


Questions or concerns about accommodation effectiveness should be brought to the attention of the DSS Counselor or LD Specialist as soon as possible.

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