Section Four: Success Strategies

Tips From Successful Students 

Tips From Successful Students

Here are some proven techniques to boost your success:

  1. Keep a good scheduling system.
    • Choose one calendar system—weekly, monthly, or day-at-a-time.
    • Personalize it, make it colorful, but most of all, keep all your appointments, deadlines, etc. on it.
    • Break long-term projects into parts and set a timeline, starting with the due date and working backwards. Focus on achieving these mini-deadlines.
  2. Dedicate yourself to your job as a student.
    • Attend every class. Studies clearly show attendance is highly correlated with performance.
    • Sit where you can pay maximum attention.
    • Learn and use a note taking system that works for you.
    • Schedule daily review and study time, about 1-2 hours for each academic class.
  3. Know where you stand in classes.
    • Review assignments and tests that are returned to you, for accuracy and to learn from your mistakes.
    • Track your own progress and know what your approximate grade is at all times.
    • Check your grade in each class before the drop deadlines.
  4. Understand what you need to do.
    • Team up with a classmate to double-check and study with.
    • Use your instructors’ office hours, or e-mail to clarify assignments and ask questions.
    • If you are stumped, use tutoring, counseling or other resources to get “unstuck.”
  5. Get help BEFORE you are too frustrated.

Don’t give up.

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