Section One: Coming to De Anza College

Learning About De Anza College

Learning About De Anza College

There are a number of ways to learn more about De Anza’s services and educational programs.

College Web Sites

De Anza has a comprehensive and accessible web-site at  Most all the information a student might need is available there, including the college catalog, class schedule, academic calendar, information about all the degrees, certificate and transfer requirements.  Each college service, such as Financial Aid, Counseling, Health Services, etc. maintain up to date information on their specific pages.  Each academic Division hosts information about their classes, news, events, etc.  Many faculty have their own pages for their course information.  The web sites often include many relevant links to connect with additional useful information.  All students should familiarize themselves with the web-site and what it can offer to help them get the most of their expereinces.

College Publications

The De Anza College Catalog is updated and published yearly and is available in print, on-line and in alternate format, on request. It contains all the essential information about De Anza’s educational programs and policies. The catalog requirements in effect for the year you enter De Anza remain the ones you must meet, as long as you maintain enrollment. Keep a copy in your files. The schedule of classes, available only on-line, lists all courses offered for a given quarter.

The college’s individual divisions and departments also maintain websites and may also print publications with essential information. A weekly student paper, La Voz, is published by and for students. It's available in print and distributed on campus on Mondays and is available to be read on-line.  Use all these to become informed about the college. To request college information in alternate format, see the Disability Information Student Handbook (DISH), Section 2: Using Disability Services and Accommodations, "Alternate Media."

DSPS Programs' Information Meetings

Students interested in the general services available through Disability Support Programs and Services should attend a small group Information Meeting. These are held monthly.  Dates and times are published in the schedule of classes, on the DSS Homepage or you may check with DSS.

If you are unable to attend, or need a personal consultation regarding eligibility, you may make an information appointment with a counselor in DSS.

General College Orientation Classes

Students with disabilities who are new to De Anza are strongly encouraged to participate in the  New Student Orientation Process. This process equips students with essential information to plan an educational program and use the broad array of programs which support student success.

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DISH Table of Contents

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Section One: Coming to De Anza College

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

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