Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

DSS Test Accommodations

 ◊ Steps to Arrange for Test Accommodations and Schedule Tests ◊


 The following are the most frequently used accommodations:

  • Extended time (1.5X - 2.0X)
  • Reduced distraction environment for on-campus exams
  • Testing in alternate media
  • Access to assistive technology
  • Breaks as determined during interactive session
  • Notes - must be approved by the instructor prior to your testing appointment
  • Scantron Scribe Services

There are timelines and policies related to scheduling testing appointments. Students have the responsibility to maintain clear communication of any changes related to their exams and quizzes with the Test Proctors.

The DSS Testing Center promotes test security and integrity that is strictly enforced to protect student achievement and college standards.

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Section One: Coming to De Anza College

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

General / College-Wide Accommodations and Services

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Legal Aspects

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