Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations

Attendance and Absence Issues

College Attendance Policies

Your instructor will set the attendance policy for students in the class and will state it on the course syllabus (outline). Listen carefully for your instructor’s attendance and make-up policies.  It is the student's responsibility to know the attendance policies in their classes.

Attendance has been found to impact class performance significantly, so we encourage you to regularly attend all class sessions. If your disability negatively impacts regular attendance, consult with your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist.

In some courses, student participation in classroom activities may be deemed an essential part of the learning objective. If that is the case, attendance may be integral and affect a grade through a participation component. Faculty members are not required to lower their academic standards or make fundamental alterations of their courses.

Absences on the First Day of the Quarter

Instructors may drop students automatically who do not show up to the first day of the class.  A student on the waiting list may be put in your place. If you are unable to attend for a legitimate reason, it is advisable to notify your instructor before the class meets. You can request that your place be held, though it is at the discretion of the instructor.

Absence Notification
  • It is usually not necessary to inform your instructor in advance of an absence, unless your instructor requests you do so.
  • DSS  will normally inform your instructors of absences on your behalf.
    • If your absence is specifically caused by your disability, and, as a result, you believe you may exceed the instructor’s absence policy,  call your DSS Counselor or LD Specialist to discuss your options.
    • You may be required to provide medical or other verification.
  • Students who receive some types of services (such as interpreting) through DSS may be required to notify the program of an absence in advance and cancel the need for services.
    • Please be aware of the rules for the services you use.
    • Be sure you have all phone, text, email addresses or other contact information you may need in the event that you are off campus when you need to notify and cancel services to comply with program policies.


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